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Tim van der Vliet

Tim van der Vliet



Online, Amsterdam, Regio Amsterdam

Mijn specialisatie(s):



- Breathing
- Light exercise and
- Cold training.

This is for people who wish to optimize their life. Most of my clients are business people, (high performing) athletes and people with a physical or mental challenge like an autoimmune illness or a depression.

Others who are looking for stress release or to get in shape without spending too much time are also very welcome.

I may help you with:

- Auto Immune sickness
- Depression
- Fatigue
- Low energy level
- Stress
- Burn-out

Over mij

Hi, my name is Tim van der Vliet and I am a breathing instructor, author, Youtuber and a father of 5 children. Apart from a healthy lifestyle I have learned to optimize my body and mind. I am calmer, healthier, I have more energy and can cope with stress better than ever before. I have learned to influence my auto immune system through light exercise, breathing and cold training. This comes in handy in my busy - but stressless - lifestyle.

I have been trained personally by the world famous Wim Hof (aka 'The Iceman') whose techniques for mastering the mind-body connection are being studied by scientific institutions around the world.

I offer my services in both Dutch and English.


My program is called 'Optimize' and consists of 6 pillars:

1) No-BS Mindset Training - The Power Of Paradox,
2) Nutrition - Anything is allowed,
3) Exercise - Low intensity work out,
4) Breathing techniques and
5) Cold training.
6) meditation

My training is a way to control your inner world, both mentally as physically, in only 10 minutes per day. You can use Optimize to heal yourself and get over mental and physical challenges. Or to become even stronger if you are a top performer. Breathing properly helps you to feel calmer, become healthier and to better cope with stress. Just remember: you’ve got the power!


- The first introduction session is for free (15 min).
- Follow-up sessions € 250 (60 min).

I offer discounts when you book 10 sessions with me.


Wim Hof Method level 2

Ben jij er klaar voor om aan je gezondheid te werken?

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