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Bas Lebesque

Bas Lebesque

Health and Life Coach


Online, Amsterdam, Regio Amsterdam

Mijn specialisatie(s):

Stress en burn-out, Leefstijl


- Life, career and lifestyle coaching.
- Weightloss.
- Changing your mindset.

Over mij

My name is Bas Lebesque and I believe that our life revolves around 5 big areas of life - Health, Love, Career, Money, and Connection to something greater. The way you present yourself in one of these areas is very similar to how we show up in other areas of life. If something is out of balance, possibly something is out of sync in another area. I help my clients, ready to move from good to GREAT health in their career and personal life. So they have energy and balance in all areas of their life.

Health and Lifestyle coaching provides you with the right system, the right support and the right accountability, that will help you transform your health, life and/or body. Are you ready to get rid of the old stuff and behaviours that are not serving you anymore and are you more than ever ready to bring in the NEW, that what you have always wanted.

I speak Dutch and English.


I believe everybody is unique and so is their balance. This balance is the foundation on which you build your life and dreams. We will create your unique balance by looking at your energy, sleep, movement, nutrition, and mental and physical well-being. We will work in small steps and you will notice that more balance is being achieved and this will create more peace, clarity, and happiness. On this foundation, you can build your life, whether you want to tackle one or all of these 5 main areas of life - CAREER, MONEY, RELATIONSHIP, HEALTH, and PURPOSE.

I help you in 12 weekly sessions, get a more balanced life through mindset, exercise, nutrition, sleep and energy. I belief this is the foundation in which you build you life, health, career, purpose and finances. This is not a quick fix, by questioning and rewriting your limiting beliefs, it will give you lasting transformation. I offer a 100% personal program and I'm available 24/7.


The first session (1 hr) is for free, to get to know each other.


ICF accreditated Life coach

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